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Efficient at moving! Assisted me quickly and precisely!    
Helen Morris
Their amiable personalities and fast pace made for a smooth experience.    
N. Sparks
Thanks to HackneyRemovals, my move was a breeze from start to finish. Their team is amazing and they provide great value for their services.    
R. D.
The team at Hackney Removals showed incredible attention to detail in handling my bulky furniture, ensuring that everything reached its destination safely and on time.    
Janice Cole
I am beyond grateful for their hard work and dedication in making my move stress-free.    
R. Redgrave
The second time I've utilized Hackney Removals and both relocations have been incredibly effortless.    
Andrew R.
I've had three experiences with Movers Hackney by now - that highlights their excellence! All members of the team are professional, proficient and caring - qualities that come especially useful when dealing with your most valuable items.    
Sonia Matthews
The moving team were outstanding, proficient and notably affable.    
Lucas Thomas
If you need packing services for you move, then give Movers Hackney a call. After I hired them my move was saved as they packed everything up and kept it safe. My things were secure and all arrived intact at my new home.    
Sophie Cage
I would like to say a huge thanks to all of the staff at Movers Hackney who helped me with my recent house move. I could not have done the job without you and thanks to your professionalism, excellent equipment and fantastic team; I was...    
Christiana Mowrey

Make Moving Home Stress Free

Posted on 24/10/2014

If the mere thought alone of moving house is enough to make you anxious and stressed out, it is highly advisable to consider some time and energy saving tips. Before the physical process of the relocation begins, make sure your mind is in a positive place. This will have constructive consequences before, during and after the move for all involved. First, use the time before the move to get yourself into a positive mindset. If you have plenty of notice before your impending move, then set aside some days where you deliberately do something other than focus on packing or other things that need to be done. Remember to live your life, socialise and stay active during this time of relocation. Organise logistics as far in advance as possible. Having a van hired, or a removal company booked for a certain date, or any other system of moving you have chosen, sorted out in advance will make the actual moving day much easier. Consider professional cleaning for the house, sorting out electricity and internet, and redirecting your mail far enough ahead of time for it to be organised before the move. Weigh up the options of hiring a van, contacting family and friends to help you pack, organising a professional removal company, or using a man with a van service. With so many options of removal companies available, it is advisable to do some research ahead of time to ensure you get the best outcome for your circumstances and budget.During the moving process, when packing ensure that you don’t pack items you don’t really need or want anymore. Use this as a perfect opportunity to de-clutter your life so that your new home can be started afresh without unnecessary clutter. Once you have decided what is necessary and what will be packed into boxes, always remember to label boxes very clearly.  By writing a moving checklist, you will be able to categorise and organise room by room during the packing stages. Make a note on this checklist to pack kitchen essentials and fresh bed linen separately. Mark this box and set it aside. For the first night in your new home after the move, a home cooked meal and comfortable bedding will make an enormous difference.Importantly, ensure you get enough sleep and are well nourished throughout your time moving house. When packing and unpacking, have high energy snacks, fruit and water available readily to provide your body with enough nutrients. This will also help improve your mindset. Remember, don’t stress over the little things. No matter how many thorough lists you have and how many systems in place, things do slip through the cracks and unexpected incidents can occur. Don’t stress over it. Rather, just roll with it. The only difference between an adventure and disaster is your own attitude. Make moving house a great adventure. The more prepared you are the less stressed you will be, but remember to always have a back-up plan and a second plan of attack just in case things do go haywire. Don’t forget, family, friends and neighbours are there to help and guide you when needed.Lastly, use the process of moving house as a chance to move forward with your life. Take the time to emotionally say goodbye to your previous dwelling. Reflect on the positive memories, the lessons learnt and the good times had. Have a moving party with family and friends and allow them to be part of the journey. Embrace the new stage of your life and enter your new dwelling with a positive and relaxed mindset.
Edward Kessell
Edward Kessell

Possessing a wealth of experience in the removals industry, Edward is a seasoned author adept at delivering a plethora of articles across a broad spectrum of removals topics. His adeptness has been instrumental in aiding thousands of individuals in successfully navigating their moves.