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Which Things You Need to Discard before Moving

If you want to do the move smoothly and if you want to save money, you would need to discard unwanted things. This will limit the things you need to pack so you will need less time for packing. You will also need less packing materials. On top of that, you would need less space for transporting your things as well. If you are hiring a removals company, this will lessen the fees for packing services and for transportation.
Getting Rid of the Small Items and the Clutter
If you are like some people, you will surely have mountains of bills all around the house. Or, you may have a special drawer for them but it's already brimming to the top. If the bills have been with you for more than a year, it's time to discard them. Receipts for appliances and parts that are still under warranty should be kept though. Of course, some receipts are worth keeping if they can be used for tax purposes.
Clothes and Toys
Families usually accumulate clothes over the years and children accumulate toys fast as well. If you have clothes that have been in the closet or in storage for more than a year, chances are you would no longer be using them. You should give them or sell them to people who would use them instead. Children outgrow toys fast as well. Instead of keeping a lot of toys, you should give them to children  who don't have toys.
By giving away things you will be able to minimize things to bring during the move. Not only will you be able to do your more more easily, you will also make many people happy.