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What to Do When Moving Pets

Moving in itself is tedious and stressful. If you are a pet owner then it's an added burden. How do you move pets without making them feel too stressed out? Here are a few tips for you:
Isolate Your Pet
Pets might go wild seeing strangers (movers) going in and out of the house. They might get hurt as well if you let them roam around the house while everybody's working. When you are starting to load your boxes into the truck, lock your pet in a room. Don't forget to leave some drinks and food before you head out. Alternatively, you can ask them to stay at a friend's house or hire a pet care.
Get a Pet Transportation Service
If you are moving long distance, getting a pet transportation service may be a good idea. Some movers won't let pets be transported together with your goods. You either drive to the destination with your pet or hire a pet taxi.
Keep them Locked for Awhile
Once you arrive in your new home, keep your pet locked in its box or at a room. Don't let it explore your new neighborhood just yet. You don't want to spend your first week looking for your lost pet.
Stay Calm
Animals are very sensitive to your feelings. If you feel stressed, they might sense it and start to feel the same way. Take a deep breath and try to relax as much as you can.
Bring Familiar Stuff
Stuff your pet cage or litter box with items that are familiar. Pack it with your pet's favorite toys, fabrics and cookies so it can easily become comfortable with the new place.