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Unpacking tips

Moving into a new house is an exciting, yet stressful time in everyone's life. You get a new home and along with it new neighbors and surrounding. The process of planning a move, packing and driving to the new place takes time and careful thinking. Most people think the hardest part is packing, but unpacking is just as strenuous and time-consuming. Usually, when you pack, you get help from neighbors, friends or relatives. When you unpack, especially if you've travelled a long-distance you don't get any help unless you have hired a moving company for that as well. Unpacking and arranging your new home is often very frustrating, which adds up to your exhaustion after the move itself. Here are some tips to help you do that in a timely manner and be pleased with the result.
After you enter your new place, place the labeled boxes in the room they belong to. All your possessions should be on a detailed list to help you plan your moves. After the boxes are distributed in the right rooms, unpack all the food and drinks. It is reasonable to store these in a cooler with ice while travelling. Refrigerate them as soon as possible after arriving. The next thing to do is unpack all your kitchen equipment. If you have small children, make sure their baby equipment is nearby and unpack it. Unpack things you need immediately like kitchen utensils, microwave, coffee machine.  After that comes the bathroom and its essentials - soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper, etc. You will probably need a quick shower to refresh yourself, but take the time to clean the toilet and bath before using them. After you have unpacked the toiletries, you can continue with the fragile items - all glassware, mirrors, lamps and others. Things which have a certain place and won't be moved can be arranged on the first day of unpacking, so you don't risk damaging them. After the fragile items unpack your bedroom belongings - things that you need in order to sleep the first night such as linen, pillow cases, pyjamas. Don't waste time unpacking all of your bedroom linen - just the things you need in the short run. Items like books, frames photos, paintings and television are not essential on the very first day and can wait. One of the most important tips to follow is unpacking one box and one room at a time - this makes the unpacking much more organized and actually faster. After you have completely unpacked a whole room, should you move to the next one. Don't waste too much time going through each item, reminiscing about the past.  In case you have moved all your belongings from your older place, now is the time to decide what you don't need anymore - give or throw it away, but do not keep old useless things. The living room is usually the hardest to unpack, consisting of too many things and heavy furniture. You should have planned the position of each piece of furniture before you move in. This will spare you lots of time thinking and moving around heavy sofas and armchairs in search of the best position. If you need to rest, but your bedroom is not ready, you can use a mattress or a sleeping bag. If all of these stages of unpacking seem like a burden to you the moving company can do all the unpacking for you. However, the plan for each item's place is your responsibility. Plan carefully in advance and you will have an arranged new home before you know it.