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Top 5 Budget Friendly Gifts for Neighbors Who Are Moving Away

'A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a blessing'. After a long time living next door, neighbors become a great part of your life. These are the people with whom you share problems and enjoy the good moments. They are those, who support you in troubles and rejoice with you. These are the people, who you celebrate your birthday with and who you are having a barbeque with every Sunday. Neighbors are the people who would  give you an advice when you need it. This is why we say that, ‘a good neighbor is a blessing and becomes your best friend and closest  relative'.

When the people who you care so much about are moving away, you want to give them the most memorable present, which is also budget friendly. However, this is not so easy because you want to make the present the most special and unique one. Here are a couple of  ideas for a good going away gifts, that might help you with the decision what's best for your loving neighbors.
If you want to give your neighbors a unique gift, a good idea will be to make a T-shirt with a picture of all of you together. This is a great way to show them how much they mean to you and  help them remember you for a long time. Besides, this gift will not cost you that much.

Another good idea is to give them something they can use, like coupons. With the coupons they can buy stuff, which they will need in the new place. They can use this gift to buy food or other stuff for their new home. The good thing about this idea is that it is practical and useful.

However, if you would like to give something significant and memorable to your neighbors, you can make a DVD of all of you. You can have a ‘good bye' party and have your family say a little piece on the DVD. In this way, your neighbors can watch it whenever they want to.

If your neighbors like cooking, then they might also like to have a brand- new Biscuit maker . All of us like cookies and if your neighbors have kids, this could be the best present for their new home. Besides,what could be a better gift  than to give your friends something they can use for a long time?

 You can make your present even more personal by giving them a going away basket. You can put everything in that basket from food to wine, but it would be better to choose a couple of things from the city or neighborhood they would miss the most. Having been neighbors for a long time you probably know what they like, so you can put all their favorite things in that basket. For example, you can feel it with their favorite candy or with pictures from the neighborhood and from your favorite places.
Finding the best and cheap present for your neighbors is not an easy, especially when you want to make is special and one of a kind. However, with a little creativity everyone could think of a unique gift, which your neighbors would like . It is not even necessary to buy the present, you can make it yourself. As you can see, there are many variations of a good present. But what is really important is the gift to be memorable and significant, like the ones given above.