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Tips on How to De-clutter with Ease and with More Success

While it is ideal to de-clutter from time to time, the best time to de-clutter is before making a move. Since most people don't have time to attend to this chore, you are forced to do it when you are moving. This is useful when you are selling your house. Before showing potential buyers to your house, you should take away obvious trash. Simply throw away empty containers and jars because they would only cost more to ship and store. Then you should take away old items that would ruin the look of your home. While doing so, segregate those that you should throw away and those that you can still sell. This would even help you raise some cash too. For this reason, it is always better to de-clutter before the move than when unpacking. It would cut your packing and unpacking time for sure. It would even save you money as well.
Do the de-cluttering by rooms though so everything will be systematic. At least, you will see your accomplishment every after de-cluttering each room. However, to accomplish more work, always allot more time to do it. You should devote the whole weekend, for instance. You can at least hire a baby sitter for the whole afternoon so you can do at least one room at a time too.