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Surefire Tips to Avoid Moving Scams

If you are looking forward to move this spring, start searching for a reliable moving company today. May is the peak season for relocations and movers are usually busy during this period. But no matter how difficult it is to find movers during this period, there is no excuse for you to hire a moving company in haste. Otherwise, you will fall victim to moving scams.
Good Reputation
So, how do you know which movers are legitimate? The first step is to look for moving companies that have good reputation. Ask for some recommendations from friends or relatives who recently moved. Or, check online for companies that have been involved in moving scams.
Getting Free Quotes
When it comes to getting free quotes, be sure to have a representative visit your house so they can give you an accurate estimate. Never fall for companies that offer quotes online or over the phone. A legit moving company should base their estimate on how much your stuff weighs, so be suspicious if they insist on charging by cubic feet.
Ask and Verify
Ask everything that you want to know before signing the contract. Be sure that the quote is all-inclusive to avoid hidden charges. Describe the movers the route and style of your home. Some moving companies may charge a higher fee if they have to work with stairs or the way to your destination is steep.
Not all companies that give low quotes are scams. However, their rates should not differ a lot from most companies. Do your homework and pick a moving company that you are most comfortable dealing with.