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Renting a Long-term Flat - Important Things to Consider

To feel comfortable at home is of high importance for people in achieving a good life. Our home and how we feel there may strongly influence our daily life inside and outside the home.

This is why while renting a long-term flat we should be very familiar with the criteria we expect the apartment to fit with. Only in this way we can assure that this will be the flat to search for and the future home that will bring us the needed comfort and coziness.

Here is the list with important criteria to consider and select based on your preferences, expectations, and affordability.

1.    Residential district
Searching a flat for the long term may start from here. Residential districts are varied. Some of them are located in the centre of the city while others are closer or away from the downtown. Thus, one district can be well developed in infrastructure but also a noisy place, while another might not yet be well developed in terms of infrastructure but it could be a quieter place.

2.    Surroundings
Under Surroundings, you have to consider construction density in the area of the building. If density is high, then most probably, you will be limited in views while looking through windows from your home. In such a case, instead of a nice view towards mountains for example, you may instead be exposed yourself and find that your windows look at your neighbour's kitchen or living room.

3.    Type of building
An old or a new building? For those who want something more contemporary, a newly constructed block would be the better choice. And for those who prefer more security and a lived-in building, an old block would be the proper choice.
Of course, a significant aspect to be taken into account is the major material of the building - whether it has brick, steel, concrete elements or any other.

4.    Size of building
Generally, the building can be a small, medium sized or a big one. The small and medium sized blocks should allow better organization across the neighbours when a decision about the building must be made. Another differentiating element is the level of noise - small and medium blocks should be less noisy than the big ones.  

5.    Building permission for living
If your choice is a new building and if it is not yet constructed, building permission for living must be taken into account. It is recommended to carefully check with the building company plans and deadlines for block finalization and living permission receipt.

6.    Size of flat
The size of the flat mainly depends on the number of people who will be living there as well as their way of life. In any case, the best way to decide on the flat size would be make sure there are enough bedrooms and space for everyone, including storage areas.

7.    Flat basic design and premises allocation
Undoubtedly, design and premises allocation should exist in such a way that provides functionality of the home, and thus, comfort and coziness.

8.    Type of rooms available
A normal flat would be composed of the following spaces: bathroom, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and children's room(s) (for people with kids). And if you want to achieve better functionality, you would also need an entrance-hall, dining room, terrace and some type of larder.

9.    Exposure
Sunny apartments have south or south-east/west exposures. So, for those who expect sunny as well as warmer homes, those with exposures to the south are recommended. And for those who prefer cooler temperatures, northern exposures are best.

10.    Furnished or non-furnished
If you are a person with high expectations towards interior design and know how your home looks in your dreams, then you must rent a non-furnished flat so that you can make it like the one from your dreams.

11.    Heating system

12.    Flooring

13.    Getting opinions and recommendations

It will be helpful to talk with existing neighbours and others so that you get real insight when making your decision.