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Relocating To Another Country: Getting Started

You just had the most amazing idea - to move out of your homeland and live in another country for good. Nice one. But before you jump into the deep and start planning how to move all your belongings to the dream land you have chosen, there is some research on your new country to be done. Read further to know how.

Job opportunities
Unless you are seriously thinking about living on the beach, eating pine apples and drinking nothing but spring water, you need to find a job in the new country. Use the Internet to find out what kind of specialist are wanted for this country - you may be lucky to have the qualifications needed. If not, then search for available position and apply on-line (long live the modern technologies!). After you are asked for an interview, make sure all the interviews are in the same few days, so you can go there once and get them all done. It's a good idea to apply for a job in the local offices or branches of big international companies in your target country. International companies are often willing to hire people from different countries.  

No, not everyone everywhere is obligated to speak English! So you better aim at a country with the language of which you are familiar with. If not, start learning it! And I mean right away! If that's the case, grab the computer and find out where in the country the foreign communities are situated and consider going there. Other foreigners in the country can give you a head start on a nice place to live, local customs and job opportunities.

Life standard and living costs
Gather information for average wages, quality of education and health services, and living costs. You better get this from a native or a foreigner who has lived in the country for at least several years. If you don't know such an individual, use the Web (again!) to contact such a person, or a person from your homeland's embassy or consulship. Make a list of specific questions - what wage you need to make a nice living, how much costs renting or buying a house, how much money you need for food and utility expenses per month, how high are the taxes, which area or city is better for you to settle in and so on.

Research the weather conditions through the year. You will be amazed by the facts you will learn. In tropical paradise countries during the half-year long monsoon season it is raining constantly for months! In countries on equatorial latitudes it rains every single day! In southern European counties it is freezing cold and snowing in the winter, despite summer is so hot... and so on. Find out the rest by yourself!

Requirements for people from your country
Research about the conditions for people from your homeland to stay, study and work in your dream country. There may be needed a visa or a different kind of permission, in order to do some or all of the above.

Now, after you survive the research, and you still want to relocate to the dream land, it is time for you to really start preparing your moving.