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People and Agencies You Should Inform about the Change of Address

You cannot move and just forget about everything. You should also inform people about your move. In fact, you should try to do this before you actually move. You can head to the post office to fill out the official US Post Office change of address form. When filling out this form, the most important details are your old and new addresses. You should also include the names of the whole household so all their mails will be forwarded to your new address as well.
However, first class mails would only be forwarded for a year and periodicals only 6 months. So you should really mail change of address cards to family and friends. You should inform all your subscriptions as well. Otherwise your subscriptions would not reach you. All utility companies you deal with should be informed as well so your bills will get to the right address. Of course, banks and other agencies should be informed as well.
If you are moving out of the university dorm, however, ask about the university forwarding policies. And make sure that you still inform family and friends about the move too. Inform the utility companies, subscriptions and banks as well.
In order not to forget any of the important personalities, you should make a list and check them off as you send out the change of address notifications. This would help you keep track on whom you still need to send the notifications to.