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Packing in Boxes - How to Use Them Best

The move itself is a connected process. The way you pack up your stuff determines the time you will spend unpacking them in the new place. And as the most common packages that are being used for moving are the carton boxes, now I will try to give you some useful advices of how to make them serve you best.

The human mind had produced dozens of types of carton boxes. Most of the professional removal companies do offer you the whole variety of them, so even you had decided to move all by yourself, you cat at least buy some boxes from one of these companies. But - before doing it you must carefully bear in mind and calculate how much you stuff exactly are. This will help you buy the right number of boxes to store your luggage in. Making a wrong calculation will cost you excess money and time. And no one wants this, right?

When the time for the packing process comes, you have to know some very essential rules you have to obey. First - don't put exceeded quantity of goods in one and the same box. Bear in mind that the recommended weight of every normal box is not more than twenty or twenty five kilograms. If you pack more than that, you take the risk the box to tear and damage the goods put inside. So - better use more boxes in number, that trying to save some money and risking your own things.

For your most precious and fragile objects, I would advice you to use a strengthened, two-walled boxes. Also, when putting all those stuff inside, be sure to use wrap up every one of them with a thick packing paper. This will prevent them from braking inside while being transported for sure. And if there are several equally-sized objects, better put them in one next to the other, so they will stick in easiest. And when ready, it is always a good idea to put a special sign outside the box which will remind you that inside there are special goods and will help you make difference between the precious goods from the general ones after they all are packed.

Before beginning to pack, bear in mind where is every single object going to be in the new home. It will be better to separate the goods you pack let say - by rooms. Put the goods for the kitchen in one place, those for the living room in another, etc. Also, it is also better if you load and unload the boxes with the materials inside in the way you want to arrange them where you go. This is going to save you some time, because you won't be standing there all night, wondering where is the box with pans for the kitchen, instead of the one with the kid's toys you have in your hands...

Also - before transporting the boxes, make sure you isolated and secured them perfectly. Use a scotch tape or a perforator to lock the boxes well enough so they don't open inside the truck and spill all of your stuff around. Even some of the things might damage in that case. Don't forget to put saving materials inside of the boxes, even above the things inside, just in case during the transport some problems appear.

And for the transport - load the boxes in a way you can see their signed notes of information what is inside. Also - first load the boxes that you want to unload last. This is a real saving time tip. Well - good luck!