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Moving to Another Place When the Budget is Low

You sold your house because of necessity didn't you? So why spend so much in a moving company, which agreed to transport your belongings for a thousand dollars? That's weird because you would be giving a lot of your house sale value to that company.
So, check on the other moving companies?  Do you see any discount? Too bad it's not in between the months of May to September. Too bad!  It's a cold December and moving out at this time of the year is difficult due to poor weather. So what food will you cook?  Why not do it yourself? You can hire a truck and be there during the transfer of your stuffs.  In this way you can budget your money well.
Properly audit the cost of hiring a moving company and hiring a private truck to do the same job.  If truck is not available, check on your pick up truck. But why not start transporting your stuffs little by little so that by the end of the week, all your stuffs are transferred to your new home? If it is not possible, check on the web or just start searching down town for a moving company which offers a lower price?
You may have messed up in your budgeting these past years that compelled you to sell your home. You did not think well of your limited income when you started spending. Well, start being thrifty in this new chapter of your life.