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Man and Van or Men and Vans?

Most people would dismiss the idea of hiring man and van when preparing for a big move, thinking that such removal service is only good for dorm or apartment moving. But man and van can also cater to house and office moving. However instead of man and van, men and vans will be required to effectively complete such move.
Why men and vans?
When you have more men and more vans working for you, personalizing a move is easier. Less time will be spent in waiting for the truck to come back before the last set of boxes is moved. You may request for the second van to arrive half an hour after the first one departs. This will give you more time to pack and unpack your belongings.
The only downside in hiring men and vans is that they usually cost more than the regular service. But if you have a lot of friends to help out in the packing, the expenses can be cut effectively. 
Things to Remember When Hiring Men and Vans
Do prior research about men and vans companies in your area. Try negotiating for a fixed rate instead of the typical by-the-hour charging so budgeting can be easier. It also pays to call around for quotes to know which companies offer good deals. Browse the web for men and vans companies as the quotes they give are often free of charge.