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Making Sure You Get Your Security Deposit

Getting your security deposit is one of your concerns when moving to a different home. The key to this really is to have the place transformed to the way it was when you rented it. If you inform your landlord in advance you're leaving and you have the place spic and span, he would have no reason not to return your security deposit.
Do Some Minor Repairs and Replacement
During your stay you might have used nails and screws on the walls. You have to remove them and patch every single hole you've made. You also have to make sure that walls have even colors just as it was when you got the place. You can try scrubbing some discoloration but you could also paint the walls if cleaning does not work. If there are broken windows and broken window blinds, you would have to replace them. Bulbs that don't light anymore have to be replaced as well.
Clean, Clean, Clean
Every spot of the house should be clean before you leave. Starting with the ceilings, the walls and the floors, you have to get rid of the dirt and dust. You should also clean the windows because they can easily be noticed. The kitchen would usually have grease over time and this should be cleaned as well. The bathroom needs to be free of grime too. Of course, don't forget to take out the garbage before you go.
When your landlord sees the place clean he will have no problem giving you back the security deposit. That's because he will have the place ready for rental.