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Make Money With Just A Van

When it comes to using your vehicle to earn some money, owning a van may bring lots of opportunities for some extra profit. There are many companies and other services who offer rented vehicles, but many don't and for jobs which require some assistance, starting a "man with a van" business is a great way to earn a living by utilizing the van you own. Man and van services are needed in 90% of all moving and relocation, no matter small or big. The expertise of the man and van is what people trust, since they can't handle all their belongings and the transportation.

The cost of renting a truck from a renowned moving company can often cost too much. Even renting a van from a local company for just a few hours may seem rather costly. When you manage to offer a better deal to people who are in need of this service, you can easily grow a small business and make some extra cash. In order to beat the competition you can offer your services after the standard hours, when other man and van businesses finish work.

So who needs a man and van service?

Moving companies usually offer multiple services which are all connected to small and big relocations: packing, carrying, loading, transporting, unpacking, self-storage, offices removals and so on. A small man and van business cannot compete with big businesses, but it can offer its service to people who can't afford hiring some of the major movers, or to families who need a small or local move. If the client has a budget limitation, they will be desperate to find good service for a lower cost - this is where your business comes and saves the day. This is your way to grow a portfolio of trusted clients and get word of mouth recommendations in the area. Some clients only need a van service, while others will require van with assistance. You should offer both services and you can be sure that you will set your positions on the market of moving services soon enough.
Some of your clients will be college students, some of whom don't move too far from home and only require a basic small move. Using a man and van service is the family's way to save some money on multiple trips back and forth to the college campus.

A man and van service is also very useful for spring cleaning when families need to transport items to self-storage units or to give them for donation. Often a car is not big enough to carry everything and that's when the need for a big vehicle arises. A man and van is much more affordable for such small moves than hiring a truck from a moving company. Those who purchase large household items from furniture shops and don't have a big enough vehicle, also require the help of a man and van.

Spreading the Word

In order to get attention for your man and van services, you should let people know that your business exists. Some of the most common resources are the local yellow pages where individuals advertise their services. It is highly suggested to place an ad or a listing with your services. Another way to get noticed is by placing a catchy advertisement on the van itself. While you are driving around town people will see what you offer and ideally your contact details.

It's only a matter of time for word of mouth to spread, but in order to keep clients make sure you are professional and diligent.