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How to Have a Homely Ambiance in Your New House

Moving to a new house is very exciting. Having a new room to decorate or a new space to furnish is one of the best things of having a new home.
A new house could make you feel uncomfortable because of the blank walls painted in plain white shade, which is very different from the home you left behind. If your new house gives you such an impression, here are some tips on how to create a more homely ambiance:
You feel alienated in your new house because it does not have any touches of your personality. A home should represent the people who are living there, and your new house does not yet have the touches of your personality.
In order to alter this, you can change the wallpaper of some of the rooms in your home, especially your bedroom. Do not be afraid to use the shades or wallpaper designs that you love.
For general tips in making your new house look homely, you can put some indoor plants inside your home. Indoor plants are great in the corners of a house or a room. Corners usually give an impression of being formal, hard, and strong. Placing indoor plants could soften these corners.
If you have a busy lifestyle and you cannot keep indoor plants alive, you can use silk plants as alternatives. You can also try to put some soft couches or figurines to hide at least one corner in a room.
Place some paintings, art works, or photos with nice frames on your walls. This will create a more comfortable environment. Family photos will give a homely ambiance.
Adding little accents that you like or represents you in a room will do the trick in making your new house more homely. Your home should represent you and your personality. It will be wonderful to go home after a stressful day to a place you feel relaxed and comforted.