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Homeowners Guide to Moving Plants

When the moving day is just around the corner, you need to make sure everything is ready to go. Moving plants may be a very risky affair but it is definitely feasible if you know how to plan the entire process carefully.
Keep in mind that not all movers and rental companies will be willing to move plants. Plants need ample air and sunlight to survive and movers need to be extra careful if they include plant moving in their services. Since the move can be unsafe to your plants, make sure your movers have the insurance to cover for them.
When moving plants, be sure to consider your new location before making any plans. Some states may not allow you to bring in certain species of plants to avoid bug and pest contamination. Therefore, perform the necessary procedures to eliminate the bugs on the plants and their soil.
You need a professional mover to pack your plants. They have the experience and the equipment to ensure the safety of your plants during and after the trip. If you are using a self-drive truck, be sure to load the plants last to provide more air for them. Adversely, plants need to be unloaded first to allow them to get the light they need.