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Getting Prepped Up with Your New Apartment

So, you have finally found the perfect apartment for yourself.  Everything is all set and things are a little becoming too exciting for you.  The question is, "how do you really prepare for the big move out?" 
Below are some of the things that both experts and neophytes in moving out are following in order to better prepare for the big day of moving in to the new apartment:
   Make sure that the contract or the agreement is properly understood and sealed by legal means.  You can have the contract of lease notarized to make it public so that it can give you better protection as a tenant.  You can ask your property owner to copy furnish you with the contract duly signed by all parties.
Prepare for the big day by buying all the things that you need essentially on your first night in the apartment.  You should have the basic necessities like toiletries, beddings, food, and medicines. These are supposed to be the things that you really must have. 
  Talk to your apartment caretaker about the guidelines that you need to observe. You should ask for simple regulations like the presence of a pet, the garbage collections and all.
These are 3 of the simple ways that you should follow in order to get prepped up better on your moving out day.