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Five Kitchen Packing Suggestions and Tips

Packing and moving out has never been the most desirable experience for many people. There is a lot of work involved , which makes the process stressful and frustrating. If you ask a person, which room is the most difficult to pack , most probably the answer will be the kitchen. This is the most tedious part of packing, because there are too many large and fragile items that we keep in our kitchens.

If  for your kitchen packing is also the most difficult task, then you can use the tips given in this article to make it a little more bearable.

First , where do you start from? When packing your kitchen the first thing you should do is write a list of all your possessions. Make sure to go through everything you have in there and write it down. Sometimes , in our desire to finish everything quicker we forget to pack very small items , like spoons. To avoid this , make the list and keep everything on track. This list will also be of a great help when you are unpacking.

Secodnly, wash every item you have in the kitchen. Even when you know that you will wash your stuff again , when you are unpacking at your new home, you have to wash them before packing. Don't put dirty and unwashed dishes and spoons in boxes. Remember, that it will be more difficult to wash them if you haven't done it while packing. Moreover, you should also wash the bigger kitchen equipments, like your toaster, the oven and the fridge.

Third, when you are packing your kitchen appliances make sure to wrap them in a packing paper or bubble wraps. This will protect them from damages during the move. You can wrap the smaller and more fragile items, like glasses or silver with a packing paper. If you don't want to spend money on buying paper , you can always use an ordinary newspaper. It will serve the same purpose of the packing paper, but is cheaper. Another idea to protect bigger appliances and machines is to wrap them in bigger blankets. These you can use instead of buying bubble wraps. However, if you are using a blanket , make sure to cover well the corners, to avoid scratching them.

The fourth step is to make sure that you have boxes in all sizes. You probably have estimated how many  boxes you will need, based on how much stuff you are going to pack. However, make sure to buy at least  ten boxes more than you think you are going to need. Carefully , place the large items in the appropriate boxes.

Last step is to label all the boxes. Every time you pack something you should mark it. You can write refrigerator or oven, plates, on each box. Make sure to write this in different places, so it can be easily noticed. On your most fragile items, you can put a sticker ‘'Fragile'' again in different places on the box. Never leave a box unlabeled and unmarked. Marking boxes will help you keep track of the stuff you have packed and unpack them easily at your new home.

Generally, these are the five simple steps everyone should follow when packing their kitchen stuff. Every step is made to help you in the packing process, to do it easier and quicker. No matter how much time each step will take you , make sure to go through them one by one in the same order they are described above.