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Don't Get Lost in the Chaos of Moving: Make a Plan when Relocating

Perhaps one of the most chaotic things that you would have to deal with as a homeowner is moving. Sure, the prospect of starting afresh in an entirely new location may be something to look forward to. But when you start thinking about the dozens of small and big details that need to be organized prior to the move, you might just want to stay right where you are.
However, moving need not be an entirely chaotic experience. By simply making a list of the tasks that you need to cross off your checklist prior to moving, the transition from living at your current address to the new one will be much smoother.
Tasks to Cross Off Your Checklist when Moving
To help you out, here are a few tasks that you need to cross off your checklist when moving:
   Contact a removals company.
The first thing that you need to do is get in touch with a removals company. This is especially true if you live in a small town where there could only be one or two moving companies, or man-and-van service providers. The earlier that you finalize your move date, the better. If possible, get referrals from friends or family who recently had to move so that you can get names of companies to get in touch with. Make initial calls, narrow down your list and make a decision from there as to which removals company it is that you will hire.
   Organize your things prior to the packing process.
This is one of the most tedious tasks involved in moving. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind, though. First, make sure to set aside an "Open first" box. This is the box which should contain all your essentials like eating utensils, bathroom essentials and beddings. It would take quite a while for you to settle into your new home and the "Open first" box should allow you to survive the first few weeks in your new home without having to rummage through boxes looking for the things that you need.

Next, organize your things in neat piles where you will decide which ones to bring to your new home; which ones to sell in a garage sale; which ones to donate; and which ones to throw away. Use the opportunity to have a fresh start so resist the temptation to bring all your knickknacks into your new home. Get rid of the things that you don't need.
   Buy packing supplies.
Packing tape, bubble wrap, tissue, old newspapers, removals boxes, wardrobe boxes and special boxes for your electronic items are some of the supplies that you would need for packing.
   Inform people about your change of address.
Once you are done with packing, make sure to inform people and companies about your change of address. Give your forwarding address to your bank, the post office, the taxation office, insurance companies and your family health care provider. Naturally, you should also give your forwarding address to your family members, friends and some colleagues at work.
   Discontinue your utility services.
Finally, make sure to discontinue your utility services at your old home. Aside from the major utilities such as gas, electricity, water, telephone, Internet and cable TV, also cut off your subscription for the newspaper delivery and garden maintenance. This way, you would not have to pay for the services that you will not be using anymore once you move into your new home.