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Andrew R.

Creating a safe space for children during the move

Posted on 24/03/2024

Boxes packing

Creating a Safe Space for Children During the Move

Moving is never easy, especially when you have a family with young children. The process can be intimidating and overwhelming for them, so it's important to establish a safe space in the midst of relocation. Here are some tips to help make your move smoother for the whole family.

Choose a Room to Keep Neat and Organized

It's difficult to keep the entire house organized during a move, but focus on one room and make sure it stays neat and clutter-free. This should be a space where your children feel secure and comfortable, such as their bedroom or playroom. It should contain all of their favorite toys, books, and blankets, as well as any other necessary items that they need daily. This will give them a place to escape when they feel overwhelmed or anxious about moving day.

Labeling Boxes and Knowing What's Inside

Labeling boxes can help ensure that you know exactly what's inside each container before putting it away in storage or packing it in the truck. Color coding is also an effective way to help children remember what goes where during the move. If you can remember which box goes in their room without having to actually open it up first, then the task of unpacking become much easier for everyone involved.

In addition, try taking pictures of your child's belongings before they get packed away in boxes. This will make locating items faster after the move and help ease any anxieties they may have about losing something important during transfers.

Create Comfort Zones

Another way to create a safe space for your kids amid the chaos of moving is by creating designated comfort zones for them in both your current home and the new one. Set aside an area where they can relax without worrying about disruption from packing or stress about the big changes ahead. Place toys and books there so they feel more secure in their new environment. Consider setting aside specific areas around the house just for them like an art corner, reading spot, or game area that can easily transition into the new home without too much trouble.

Stick to Normal Routines As Much As Possible

The more normalcy you can keep during this time, the better - especially when it comes to kids' routines like bath times, meals, bedtimes, and playtimes. These moments help keep any anxiety levels low by providing structure and stability throughout their day-to-day lives during a hectic transition period. At night if possible tell stories or sing songs with familiar tunes that can transport them away from all of the moving madness momentarily.

Involve Your Kids In The Process

While there might not be any room for change when certain tasks need to get done quickly, overall try to involve your children as much as possible in order to make them feel seen and heard throughout the move. Let each family member pick out one item (toy or personal belonging) from each box then offer coloring markers so that they can label it themselves -- this also reinforces organization skills! Encourage their creative input by allowing kids participate in redecorating their own rooms once everything is unpacked at your new home. It'll give them something to look forward while getting excited about settling into a new environment again soon!

Communicate Openly

Most importantly during this process, communicate openly with your kids about what's going on with special attention paid towards age-appropriate language that won't cause too much alarm yet still gets across what needs to happen next accurately. Making sure they understand why a move is happening now - even if it was unexpected - will go a long way towards making them more comfortable with what lies ahead and less fearful of change itself.

By paying extra attention towards establishing an atmosphere of safety amidst all of this transition time; you and your family can emerge from this experience feeling healthy and strong than ever! Although stressful albeit rewarding experience lie ahead; being prepared with these steps will ensure that everyone has something familiar to come back too once everything settles down again matter how far away you are starting from!

Boxes packing

Edward Kessell
Edward Kessell

Possessing a wealth of experience in the removals industry, Edward is a seasoned author adept at delivering a plethora of articles across a broad spectrum of removals topics. His adeptness has been instrumental in aiding thousands of individuals in successfully navigating their moves.