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A Guide to Moving: Be Careful With My PC!

I really love my personal computer that's why when I moved to my new house; it was the very first thing that I packed. Well, not that I'm obsessed with my PC but because it was the item I purchased from my first salary. So I really made sure that I kept its original carton because I know that it will be safe to place it there during travel. It's a good decision because I've read somewhere that since the CPU is really sensitive a sturdy box which is large enough to accommodate it or its original carton are the best boxes for it.
I removed the ink cartridge of my printer. I checked the other tips from the user's manual so that I would be assured that once I get to my destination my beloved PC is still in working condition. I did it also to my TV and other electronic possessions. I label the boxes with the word "fragile" and guess what? I even pasted their pictures outside the box just for the movers to know what's inside. Now I'm still enjoying my PC because I didn't damage it during my move. It's only a matter of packing.